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What we Offer

Prior to the start of the ceremonies, we offer the use of our Life Frequencies Essentials as part of our Ceremonial Process to help promote physical wellness as well as spiritual and religious wellness. What Is Life Frequencies Essentials? Life Frequencies Essentials is software that runs on a computer, that's based on years of proven scientific research and technology. It uses special algorithms with computer speakers and headphones that let you use your computer as a powerful 21st century Rife Machine (more effective than any Rife Machine available - regardless of the cost), Pain Reliever, Detox System, with overall Health Balance Tools and more.


It also contains Chakra Tools.

Since quantum physics has come into play lately, they are finally being seriously used in the western world - even by conventional medical practitioners. Chakra Tools is used to balance and align the chakra energy centers of the human body. This may sound strange to some, but there are many people that use nothing except chakra healing that live well over 100 years of age. In fact there is quite a large population in Tibet of "over 100" people that have used nothing else but Chakra frequencies their entire lives. So, it may be reassuring to know that Chakra Tools uses the exact same frequencies and waveforms as the chakra systems used by Tibetan monks. Chakra Tools in Life Frequencies Essentials has 3 modes of operation. You can time the frequencies individually, run them all at once on a timer or run them all at once continuously. You can choose from 9 different chakras.


We also offer EXCELLENT aftercare for both groups as well as individuals via discussions prior to, during, and after each ceremony. Our mission is to give you the safest, most beneficial experience possible, and we utilize everything we can to do just that!   Smudge (Sage) Blessings are also made available for those who wish to have them also.  

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