To Catch a Teri

Hello everyone!! I just wanted to drop a line to let everyone know that my email has changed. If you need to reach me, you will need to send the email to 5 email addresses are far too many to keep up with and emails fall between the cracks, so we are trying to simplify things for better communication and faster responses to you. I would also like to apologize for missed emails and responses that came late due to Covid and our shut down. We all took jobs elsewhere awaiting our reopening and between that and having a new grandbaby during this insanity, I didn't have time to keep up. I am back now and trying to catch up, just please bear with me! Steve has been handling everything on his own this far (and doing a fabulous job, just don't tell him I said it 😉) and I am stepping in mid stream which has me kind of lost. We certainly hope you have all been well during this crazy time and we certainly send lots of love and positive energy and vibes to all!

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