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The End of the Year with Aya Quest

WOW!!!!! Another year almost gone, can you believe it?? Is it just me or do they seem to go faster the older you get? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

ANYWAY, first and foremost, let us thank each and every one of you for sharing your year with us! We are so thankful to have been able to share time, experiences, space and energy with you all!! It's not lost upon us how truly blessed we are not only in getting to do what we love, but also in being able to meet so many wonderful, beautiful, amazing souls!!! You guys KICK ASS!!!!!

As the year comes to an end, we just wanted to touch on a couple of things.

First, we do have some members who are going through some pretty difficult situations, both medically and personally. We ask you to please send some love and some positive, healing energy and vibes their way. No, I'm gonna name these people, the universe knows who they are. I can promise you that each and every one of these people would thank you from the bottom of their hearts!!!!

Secondly, continue the work on yourself! Remember, life isn't a journey or a race. There is no finish line or point of completion. We are a CONTINUOUS, ever evolving work of art. And what a beautiful piece of art we all are!!! I promise, you WON'T regret putting that work in!!! As usual, I can't promise it will be fun or easy, I can only promise that it will continue to be worth it!

Remember to make time for yourself! While taking care of others is part of living, so is taking care of yourself!!!! You can't pour from an empty pot, so fill yourself with the same love, understanding, compassion and nurturing that you give to others. This also means allowing yourself time to decompress! Whether that means going to the gym, doing some yoga, getting a massage, WHATEVER!!!! Just make sure you DO IT!!!

The work you have been putting in will pay off BIG!!! And the more you continue to change your inner world, the more your outer world will continue to change. The best gift you can give to yourself and those you love is the gift of a better you!! It's also how we change the world!!!

Steve, Paige, Megan and I wish you all a beautiful, blessed, healthy and joyful New Year!!!!

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