Heal At Home Information Reminders

Hey everyone, Teri here. I just wanted to go over some basics with everyone on the Heal at Home.

FIRST, we do have our Heal at Home Community app which you can join by clicking here https://www.ayaquest.com/groups`.

SECONDLY, we have several video tutorials on our YouTube channel that both you AND your sitter need to watch. It goes over everything from dosing to purging to how to handle tough spots. It's very informative and the same information we cover before we begin in person ceremonies. And DON'T FORGET THE WAIVERS!!!!! They are on the Heal at Home tab of the website and are REQUIRED!!! https://www.ayaquest.com/aya-at-home

THIRDLY, we do have, for those who are interested and able, ZOOM meetings every Thursday evening. The information to join is ALWAYS posted in our Heal at Home group so everyone has access. If you are unable to join, please remember I am but an email (Shamanista@ayaquest.com) or scheduled phone call away. Please don't hesitate to reach out via any of those means!

We are incredibly proud to be able to offer the Heal at Home Program and ask that everyone please bear with us. Remember, we do still have a Pandemic going on and there have been some delays in the mail delivery system that are beyond our control. There are also little kinks here and there that arise, so you letting us know how your experience has been with the program helps us tweek where needed and benefits everyone.

Lastly, please don't wait until the last minute to order your tea! There is a brew cycle as well as an order, so if you wait until 2 days before you want to have a ceremony to order.....you're not gonna have it when you would like to. It takes on average a week to two weeks to brew and ship. So, if you know you want to have a ceremony on a specific day, please plan ahead and order early!

Thank you all so very much for sharing your lives, journey's and healing with us! Much love, many blessings, much peace and forward progression to you all!

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