CHANGES in the Aya Quest Heal at Home Ayahuasca Group and Zoom Conference Meetings

We are really glad to see so many people being able to participate and benefit in the Heal at Home Ayahuasca program! We would like to remind everyone that our Heal at Home group is a MEMBERS ONLY group! To join, you MUST be an ACTIVE Member (meaning you have submitted your application, been APPROVED, purchased your membership and either attended an in person ceremony or have signed up to participate in the Heal at Home program), you need to add the WIX app on your phone, go to our website,, and select the GROUPS tab and hit join. We do have to approve the requests, so it won't give immediate access, but it will get the process started.

The changes that we are implementing are that from now on, you will have to register prior to attending. This is EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY!!!! You will simply need

to send an email to me (Teri) at letting me know that you will be attending the Zoom for whichever date you are planning on attending and you will need to do it no later than the Wednesday evening prior. Failing to register will mean there is NO ZOOM for that Thursday. This allows us to know which Thursdays we will be having a ZOOM and and which ones we won't and for the ones that we aren't, we will be able to focus our attention and energies elsewhere.

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