Ayahuasca Advice and Etiquette

I wanted to take a few minutes to address Journey Etiquette, and this applies whether you are in an in person ceremony with us or working with the tea from home.

I always ask people when they are here in front of me if they have other psychedelic experience and when people do, I tell them to forget everything they know. WHY? Because it will only get you in trouble when it comes to Ayahuasca! Ayahuasca is NOT like any other psychedelic. It is a medicine, a portal, a spiritual tool that MUST be respected. It cannot be controlled, told what to do nor can it be MADE to work with anyone. It does not give you what you want, however, it WILL give you what you need SO LONG AS you remain open and allow it to do what it needs to.

People often come to the tea with an expectation of what their journey will be. Remember, expectation is the mother of all disappointment. People often have this expectation because of videos they have watched, stories they have heard, books they have read, etc.. Remember, Ayahuasca is INDIVIDUAL SPECIFIC. All of those stories that you read about and heard about are what other people's experiences were which is NOT indicative of what yours will be. We are all unique individuals with our own lives, experiences, perspectives, issues, and so on. So, what the tea will bring to you is going to be based on YOU, no one else. YOU will be the determining factor in what you experience.

If you have a history of drug abuse, no matter how long ago it has been, there are a couple of truths that cannot be ignored and for good reason. One is that you still have residual trash in your system that has to be cleared out. The second is that you overstimulated certain receptors in your brain and they need to be repropagated. SO, it is not at all uncommon on the first night for someone with addiction issues (past or present) to have a physical and/or diminished experience.

You CANNOT force your experience to be ANYTHING! What does this mean? EXACTLY WHAT IT SAYS. You cannot force your experience to be more intense, less intense, more visual, less visual, more physical, less physical, more lengthy, less lengthy, etc.. You cannot force ANYTHING!!! NOW, that having been said, please also bear in mind that once you TRULY don't care what the experience is, THAT is when Mother swoops you up and the depths in which you go start becoming greater.

As we tell people all the time, once you relax, TRULY relax; once you trust, TRULY trust; and once you let go, TRULY let go, that is when all of the magic happens!!!

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