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Aya Quest Heal at Home Virtual Ceremony Program Changes

Steve and I have gotten several emails since his post about the ending of our Virtual Ceremony program, Heal at Home. Apparently there is some confusion there, and we would like to clear that up for everyone. First, let us thank EVERYONE who participated in our Virtual Ceremony Program, Heal at Home. So many reached out to partake in this during a very tumultuous, unsteady time in the world and that's why did it. We knew not everyone would or could travel and as everyone who works with us knows, SAFETY is primary concern! We also wanted as many as possible to be able to meet and/or continue their work with Mother Aya and this was the path chosen.

However, now the Pandemic is slowing, the country is opening up and travel is back in full swing! SO, while we are not ENDING the program all together, there are some VERY IMPORTANT changes being made.

1) As of July 6, 2021, new members will no longer be allowed to start out receiving sacraments at home. They will have to come through for an in person ceremony FIRST and we will go from there.

2) CURRENT Virtual Ceremony members and members who have already attended an IN PERSON CEREMONY WILL STILL BE ABLE to receive the sacraments at home.

3) We ARE NOT closing down the Wix app, Heal at Home, as it gives our members who have participated in a ceremony (whether in person or Virtual) a private place to talk, It's a place with people of like minds, from the same church with similar beliefs being able to talk openly and share their experiences, concerns, insights, etc., and we don't want to take that safe place away.

We certainly appreciate each and every one of you and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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