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Aya Quest End of Year/Holiday Dates are Available

Since it's the end of the year (already???!!!) and the holidays are hard to plan around, we have gone ahead and posted our November AND December dates on the website.

When it comes to our end of year dates, please keep the following in mind:

We plan around the Holidays for several reasons:

1) Travel Safety for you is our HIGHEST priority!!! We don't want the worry (for your families or for us) about you traveling during peak holiday times! The number of accidents and deaths each year is saddening and we don't want any of you to be on that list!

2) We want you to be able to spend and celebrate your holidays safely and with those you love! Or, if you want to spend it alone and relaxing, we want you to do that instead!

3) We also have families that we would like to see and spend time with. We don't take a lot of time for ourselves and we miss a lot that goes on during the rest of the year to host ceremonies. The holidays are the one time that's guaranteed that we have to spend with them. (This Memaw LOVES seeing her grands, spoiling her grands, and getting all the hugs and kisses they give!!!!)

4) No, we WILL NOT book on Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years.

The group ceremonies tend to fill quickly. Once they are full, they are FULL! No, I cannot "make room" or "slide 1 more in" or anything of the sort. I'm sorry, but when we say we are full, we are FULL. We do not have the room to add anyone else. And this really applies ALL YEAR!!!!

If the group ceremonies are full, you do have the option of Heal at Home; you can schedule a private ceremony OR you can put together your own group. A Private ceremony is $4800. If you put together your own group of 4 people or more (everyone MUST have submitted their applications, been approved and purchased their Membership), the cost drops to regular group rate of $800 per person.

We want to thank everyone for a FABULOUS year and for sharing so much of yourselves and your journey's with us!!! We wish you all beautiful and blessed holidays and beautiful and blessed New Year!!!

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