Aya Quest Ayahuasca Heal at Home Information Reminder

First, let me just say that we are so excited and blessed to have been able to work with as many of you as we have through our Heal at Home Program! It's not always easy to work through an Ayahuasca experience and we know this!! So, for those of you who have braved the fears and started the healing process, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! We are so very proud of you all and hope you are equally as proud of yourselves as well!

There has been some confusion as to how the program works, what tools you will need etc., and I am going to bullet point them here for you. I recommend printing this out so you have a reference should you need it later.

1) In order to participate you MUST: submit your application and wait for your approval letter. If you are sent a conditional acceptance letter, you still MUST follow the directions in that in order to participate, whether at home or in person with us! You MUST also sign the release that is linked both in your acceptance letter AND on the Heal at Home page of the website.

2) You MUST PURCHASE YOUR MEMBERSHIP!!! We CANNOT legally work with anyone who is NOT a member.

3) It can take upwards of 2 weeks for the tea to brew and ship. Please do not request tea that you need in a couple of days because that is just not possible. Plan your ceremony taking that 2 weeks into account.

4) Please do not send me an email that you need an immediate response to. I am not always available on your schedule. If you need advice on an upcoming ceremony, please send it giving me a day to two to see it and respond.

5) To participate in the ZOOM meetings, you need to be a Member of our Heal at Home group. For this, you need to download the WIX app to your phone, you need to request to join the group by clicking the link here, https://www.ayaquest.com/groups, or by going to our website, the GROUPS tab and hitting "join". We do have do approve the request, so give us time to do that. ALL OF THE ZOOM MEETING INFORMATION is found in this group!!!!

6) The music that we use in EVERY ceremony is Spirit Waters and Spirit Dreams by Thomas Walker and David R. Miracle. It is available on Google Play, ITunes, Spotify, YouTube and can found and bought other places as well. We STRONGLY recommend using this music alone.

7) IF you are wanting to journey with your spouse/significant other (remember they MUST have submitted an application and been approved!!!) we STRONGLY recommend that you have someone sitting for the both of you, NOT that you do this together with no sitter!! If you are both deep in your journey and the other needs help, you won't be able to give it. SAFETY FIRST!!!!!

8) We DO NOT sit with you during your journey via ZOOM for the Heal at Home. That is what the sitter is required for. We STRONGLY recommend that you AND YOUR SITTER watch the video tutorial that is linked to our Heal at Home page on the website. This will give you both some very important information, it's the EXACT same information I would give you if you were sitting here in front of me.

9) We DO NOT recommend an outdoor Journey for people who are not experienced with Ayahuasca. Remember, SAFETY FIRST!!!

10) The tea will hold in the freezer indefinitely, just remember it can only be thawed one time and NOT to thaw it in a microwave. It will hold in the refrigerator for about 3-4 weeks, but you HAVE to keep the air out of it or it will start to mold.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me (Teri) at Shamanista@ayaquest.com.

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