Aya Quest apology for dropping out of sight post pandemic

I apologize for dropping out of sight, with everything going on and shut downs, protests and the Corona Virus raging Aya Quest could not risk your safety with so much misinformation to the point we did not know what to believe, so we shut down bringing people in from around the country.

Our Medicine People took local jobs, myself included, working at Amazon Fulfillment Center in Campbellsville. I am 2 days away from coming out of quarantine for Covid 19.

Now that I have experienced Covid for myself and have helped others get through it successfully, I am in a better position to give advice. Due to the natural messures I took I was able to keep it from overwhelmng my system and preventing it from replicating and I am 54 yrs old.

The test was done the same day as Quarantine ordered which I believe the natural counter messures I have taken kept Covid from replicating in my system, managing my immune response thru diet.

I was exposed before mild symptoms started but yet it remained undectable in the test. I have studied and learned alot since March. and now Aya Quest is ready to reopen on a limited basis.

We will begin working with small groups and private sessions to include what we have learned about Covid through personal experience.

Understand there will need to be waivers signed and changes to be discussed from normal pre-pandemic operations.

Again please accept our apology, we were just as stunned as the rest of the world. Contact me at the email below if you are interested.

Shaman Steve Hupp,


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