Corona Virus Self Care Guide

I have been observing what is happening with Corona Virus and I have a therory that I have been working with.

Viruses have been around since the beginning of time, this one is not a super virus, it behaves like many others.

Native Americans use a sweat lodge to raise core body temp much like your body does when you have a fever, now remember you can have the virus without being symptomatic for days ( incubation period) this is where the virus is replicating and is preparing to overwhelm your immune system and the body goes into a fever which stops the replication of the virus through heating the bodies core tempature and (hopefully) your immune system whens the battle.

Now if you heat the body from the inside out and raise the core tempature 1-2 degrees (rectal thermometer if you desire precision) daily you have created an "artifical fever" which should stop/hinder the replication of the virus giving your immune response time to identify the virus and create antibodies to attack and overwhelm the non replicating virus, think your vaccine.

I am going to share with you that infrared heat lamps are the one possible home care solution that could be a game changer, if you are interested in learning more about how to use infrared which is what fire is to beat this virus send me an email to put covid in subject line.

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