Aya Quest Ceremony Updates

Good evening everybody, Nik here with some updates regarding ceremony dates. Before we begin, I would like to address that this isn't something that'll be taking immediate effect and so those who've already signed up for a ceremony will not be affected by the upcoming shift. These changes do not affect the time in which people have applied either, nor anything that major, just some relatively minor shifts. So without further ado, a note on the upcoming changes regarding ceremony dates.

As everyone may have notice, for the time being, we have been doing group ceremonies during the weekdays of Tuesday through Thursday for the past couple of months. Part of the reason behind this was due to a couple of factors. For those during the summer who have kids, such would be easier for them since school wasn't in session and so the lack of worrying about one's kid making it home from school. For some out there, some places during the summertime are highly critical about taking weekends off. For some: just doing this on a weekday was simply more viable either for convenience sake or just flowed naturally better for them.

Well, with school being back in session and all the fun changes that come with the fall, we will be resorting back to our usually scheduling during the weekends of Friday through Sunday. As I have stated before, this change is not immediate and will not affect those who're currently registered to partake in upcoming ceremonies in the next month. Rather, this shift will occur beginning in October as to not interfere with or cause a rescheduling of those who've already paid for and acquired time off of work to come in. We thank you for your understanding and do hope that everyone is doing well out there!

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