What does the WIX Acceptance mean?

There has been some confusion about being accepted into our WIX group and what that means. Steve has made a post about this prior, but I would like to post it again.

When you are accepted into the WIX group, that simply means you are a part of that communication portal. It does not give you Membership into the Church, NOR does it give you the ability to attend a ceremony. In order to become a CHURCH Member, you must still go through the steps listed on the website! What are those?? You must SUBMIT your application (available on the website) and it MUST be approved (you will receive an email letting you know once it has been reviewed what the determination is). The ONLY place that your Membership acceptance will come from is from a Charlie@ayaquest email address. It will NOT come through any other form of communication.

We certainly apologize for any misunderstanding or confusion.

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