Ayahuasca: Things to remember when traveling abroad Pt. 2

The link for part 1 can be found below this paragraph. In short, when it comes to the world of Ayahuasca, there is a lot to keep in mind when traveling abroad. Whether it be here in the United States or the jungles of South America, safety of one's self and those that may be accompanying them in this adventure should always be a top priority. And while there is nothing wrong with wanting to take a different means to find help, there is a fine line between doing so safely and doing so recklessly. So without further ado, some guidelines and tips to keep in mind when traveling abroad.

Know where you're going: In the world of Ayahuasca, it is truly amazing what all can be found in terms of locations hosting such as well as how close some places may be for some people. With that being said, always be sure to look into the location of interest with great depths. After all, while it is nice to know that there may be a location close to where an individual, there's many things that also factor in depending on the individual and the location of hosting. Is it somewhere that it can be legally done? Is there medical help near by if something went wrong? Do I need to learn the language of the location such is being hosted at? Things that can easily be overlooked when booking a trip to a location in which such is hosted.

Always travel with a buddy if you can/inform others where you are heading: When it comes to traveling and going new places, it is easy to get caught up in the idea of traveling to somewhere new or exotic or even just simply different. And while there is nothing wrong with travelling, there is also nothing wrong with travelling safely with others if you can. Or at the very minimal, letting everyone know where you are going or a few trusted individuals know where you are heading. Sure, sometimes talking about such can be difficult to break to people information wise, but letting at least someone know if you had to travel alone where you were going would beat the alternative should something happen like you got lost or stranded by accident. Safety should always be one's utmost importance in regards to making such a travel.

What is the place's protocols in the event of an emergency: When it comes to the practice of such, it can be easy to overlook asking a place about safety procedures and protocols in place in the event of certain situations. Whether it be medical occurrences like medicine interactions or something as simple as falling and getting hurt, it can never hurt to ask what safe guards a place upholds when regarding the well being of it's participants or screening those who are coming through. Some places have some, some have none, and some are as safe as they come. Regardless, it is always best to ask if you can where you can for one's preservation should always come first. After all, not everywhere takes into consideration the safety of those wishing for some direction or help with where they are in life.

More to come in the future.

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