Application Process

First, I would like to thank everyone for their patience in regards to the application process. I know it is hard when you're waiting for a response and I certainly apologize that it's taking up to 6 weeks to get those to you. Please understand, there is only ONE person who handles the applications for safety reasons (me) and I also have to host ceremonies, both group and private. I am certainly working as hard as I can to get those answered and to verify clearances as quickly as possible. I'm sure some of you wonder why it's even necessary to have an application and clearance (when needed), and the answer is, for your safety!

Your safety is our PRIMARY concern and NOTHING is put above that. That is why we have only one person handle the applications. The more people who are handling them, the more mistakes are possible; kind of like having too many cooks in the kitchen. We view the application process just as importantly as we view the ceremony process. Your applications need my undivided attention, the same as we give everyone during a ceremony. To give you any less than that is a disservice to you and to Mother.

I would also like to clear up some misinformation that was brought to my attention. Apparently, somewhere, someone posted that just because you get the pop up message that your application has been submitted means you have been accepted. This is NOT TRUE!!!! It means that your application was transmitted, NOTHING more. You CANNOT get your Membership and/or sign up for a ceremony WITHOUT having submitted your application and gotten an email stating that it has been accepted.

Thanks again for your patience and understanding. Much love and many blessings! Teri

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