Ayahuasca: Notes for Beginners Pt. 2

Below this paragraph is the link to part one if you haven't read it yet. When it comes to the world of ayahuasca, there is a lot of information out there that can make it hard to distinguish fact from fiction. This can be even more so confusing for new people as the information overload out there can also give them warped mechanisms for coping or bestow onto them things that could cause them to be overwhelmed in an experience or even false expectations. So, in order to help clear up some of the confusion, I've taken it upon myself to make these in an effort to help clear the air some when regarding ayahuasca and those curious about it all. So without further ado, here is part 2.

When You Say Ayahuasca, You've Really Said Nothing: When it comes to the word Ayahuasca, most people often have a clear image in their head of what it is or a concept of what it is they are about to drink. However, not all ayahuasca is the same. When it comes to ayahuasca, there are over 160+ plants you could mix and use to make what is known as ayahuasca. Not to mention as well, there are also different methods of preparation, different methods of cooking the brew, and sometimes added elements to the brew depending on the shaman you go to from location to location. So when journeying around from place to place, it's always good to keep in mind that no two teas will be the same.

Setting Intentions: It is often said that intentions are important to set in regards to an ayahuasca ceremony and it is usually one of the major emphasis people often speak of when talking about going into a ceremony. However, while it isn't wrong to have things you wish to focus on or cast light upon when going into a ceremony, intentions when working with the other side can sometimes get a person into a heavy experience. This isn't to say that it is wrong of the person to want to address things in their daily life with Mother Aya or at least graze the topic, but starting off, it is best to put such aside because it can be mistake for resistance. Sometimes the things they feel is a problem or issue in their daily lives might be the seed or branch of a bigger issue that needs addressing, and because they are focused on what they think is the issue, such can be construed as trying to control the experience rather than allowing Mother to do what she feel is what the individual needs right that moment.

Every Experience Varies From Person To Person: In the world of ayahuasca reviews and people documenting it, it is often talked about of how visual the experience was. All the light shows and all the imagery and so many vivid things coming through for that person, and while such can be the case for some, this isn't the case for all. For some out there due to the life they have led or the things they've been through, sometimes the light show isn't the main course and they tend to feel the experience more than they visualized it. For some, it is a release of emotions they've been harboring in them and Aya is going through them and help clearing up the blockages. As much as we as people are different, so too are the experience a person can feel when participating in a ceremony and what others experience won't be what you'll experience.

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