Ayahuasca: Things to remember when traveling abroad Pt. 1

When it comes to Ayahuasca as a whole, there is may things that comes to an individual's mind. For some, it is the nervousness of delving into the unknown. For others, it is enthusiasm to be able to partake in such a sacred and unique thing. Regardless, one thing that should always be in the mind of everyone from the most experienced of journeyers to the newest of new should always be one of safety when traveling abroad to do so. This article is dedicated to the idea of questions one should always ask themselves when working in such realms for it is easy to let the idea of overcoming something or just being able to experience such. So without further ado:

What is in the tea?: When it comes to the word Ayahuasca, most people think of it as a catch all terms that describes one specific item. However, this is simply not the case for no two brews are going to be the same for there are over 160+ plants used in the making of what we call Ayahuasca. The plants from location to location change, not to mention, there can also be added agents to the brew to make up for certain aspects or enhance another. Case and point: some brews in South America may contain tobacco juice as a purgative agent to help increase the chance of vomiting or diarrhea. However, such an additive can be lethal in large enough quantities for what is considered a lethal dose varies from individual to individual. So always be sure to ask what is it that is going into the tea if possible.

Group Size: In regards to attending a ceremony, sometimes people may want to work one on one with the shaman. Sometimes people would like to work with the Shaman and others around them. However, when it comes to a group kind of setting, it's always a good idea to see how large the groups are when regarding a facility and how many operators are there to the amount of attending individuals showing up. In places where there are a lot of people but not a lot of oversight or supervision of those participating, such can give way to the potential of accidents occurring or even just the feeling of being disconnected from the group or shaman with the crowd size. With that being said, this brings me to my next point of things to ask or keep in mind.

Medical Emergency Care: Another aspect that is often overlooked in regards to Ayahuasca is the care one would receive in the case of a medical emergency. In some regards, it is understandable given the grimness of the subject itself as well as not wanting to jinx one's self, however, it is something that should be taken seriously and given some forethought rather than throwing caution to the wind. Some places may be in a hard to reach location, some may not look into the health of the person partaking, and sometimes accidents happen out of the blue. Some operators may be careless in how they go about dosing people and the care taking of those in their hands and a reaction between one's medication lingering in their system or condition. So when looking around, it can't hurt to ask about the operating procedure when working with those if an emergency were to take place.

More to come soon..

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