Ayahuasca: Myths and Misconceptions Pt.3

The links provided above are to parts one and two of the blogs surrounding the myths and misconceptions regarding Ayahuasca. Much like it's predecessors, these posts are an attempt to dispel the air some of all the myths and misconceptions that is behind what we all know as Ayahuasca. It may also even help calm the minds of anyone new to this and bring them a sense of peace and maybe an idea of what to expect going into such. After all, taking steps into the realm of the unknown can be unnerving and sometimes need something to help us regain structure as well as calm to an extent. And so, onto part three..

When it comes to an Ayahuasca Experience, you have to do it traditionally: It is often a common theme out there that when it comes to Ayahuasca that if you aren't doing it in South America with a "traditional" shaman that it's all bogus. However, what we have found is that it's all up to a matter of what the person prefers or what they wish to do. Not everyone has the luxury of dropping off a few thousand dollars in plane tickets as well as reservation fees to travel to a country in which they may not be proficient in the language or dialect of the area to participate in what they deem a "traditional" form. Not to mention, let a medical emergency take place and it could be a while before help can get to them if they are in a hard to reach location. When it comes to the work we do, we try to set it up in means that may be more comfortable for modern man. Not everyone can handle their first time out in nature among insects and animal noises and such could be the thing to drive a person over the edge if left unchecked. So for those that want it as "authentic" as possible, to each is their own. However, not everyone has that kind of time to spare or money to give for such.

With Ayahuasca, it is like any other psychedelic: While it is to note that Ayahuasca has hallucinogenic properties, that is where the similarities between it and others end. It is often thought that people with a lot of psychedelic experience would be the most suitable candidates for such, but surprisingly it is those with none that often slip into the experience with ease. That isn't to say that people with such should steer clear. Rather, any experience you may have should be put off to the side like intentions for there is no maintaining while experiencing and working with Ayahuasca. There is only letting mother do what she does best and letting her be able to do her best by allowing her to address the things she feels need to be touched on.

I should have my intentions set: It is also common to note that out there in the world of information regarding Ayahuasca, intentions are something that is often regarded as key to have. And while there is nothing wrong with having intentions or wanting Mother to address some things, it is best to be put aside much like any prior psychedelic experiences. This is simply because when going into a journey, intentions can be mistaken as control like trying to maintain and such is where people can find themselves in a rough patch because their intention and what Mother wishes to address aren't the same thing. Plus what she may reveal to you may be relevant to your intentions in terms of what is afflicting you and what you feel is the core of an issue is really just a branch from the main tree of what is causing a person the ills and woes in their life. So if going into such, it's best to approach it with an open mind and see what she wishes to address with you first.

Stay tuneD for more in the future.

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