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That Time of Year Again: Advice to Help with the Blues

It's that time of year again where the holidays are upon us and such is suppose to be a happy time of year. But for some out there, such can be a challenge for many reasons. Not a lot of family, loved ones are out and about, a multitude of things to be going on for an individual. It's easy to become overwhelmed by the loneliness that can accompany the holidays and easy to get consumed by such emotions. With that being said, this article is being made for those out there who may be feeling a tad blue this time of year or really for any time of year or whenever the reader themselves are finding it a struggle to deal with the day ahead. So to start things off, some things that can help a person climb back up:

Finding one thing positive about the up coming day or from yesterday: When it comes to feeling in a bit of a slump, one thing that seems to help somewhat is finding a moment you were proud about happening. It doesn't have to be something big or fancy, but it can be the most simplest of things really. Glad about the fact that your vehicle or mode of transportation works, glad that you woke up to a warm bed, glad that you got that morning cup of coffee, glad that you got home to your bed after a long shift. There are all sorts of good things happening big or small, but when down, such can often be overlooked and overcast by the shadow of feeling lonely and blue. But there is always one thing good to happen in someone's day, just sometimes you gotta dig a bit deeper and sometimes it'll be just the simplest of things.

The feeling will pass with the passage of time: When in these wells of sorrow, it is also easy to be consumed by what is happening that it feels as if the daily grind and struggle will never end. But much like it took time for such to onset, it may take some time before the feeling will dissipate or digress to a point where it is manageable or not feel so colossal and overwhelming. Nothing is immune to time changing it and like all things in life, there is an ebb and flow to things. Like a swinging of a pendulum, some things will swing a tad far to the right and again to the left, but with enough time: it'll hit the center point of rest where it isn't a swing too far in either direction. After all, it is always darkest just before the dawn, and sometimes you gotta hold on just a bit longer to see the darkness lift and the sun rise to see that even you aren't hopeless or beyond help.

Your existence matters: It is also easy to feel as if your existence as a whole is meaningless due to the world around you carrying on and running along. However, there is always something or someone that is happy to see you or encounter you. Maybe its a life long friend that you always interact with from time to time when you're both free. Maybe it's a pet under your care like a cat or a dog or even just a stray that you've been taking care of when they show up for a meal and a place to rest. Maybe it's just someone you work with and occasionally rub shoulders with and nothing more. Regardless, there is always something out there that cherishes your existence even if it isn't always a close or human connection or family a friends.

This blog isn't a means to discard or toss aside any issues with depression a person may have. This advice isn't a means to discredit or disregard or discontinue any treatment one may be undergoing.

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