Ayahuasca: Notes for Beginners

When it comes to the world of Ayahuasca, it is no little matter when it comes to any and all aspects encompassed in the topic and experience in a journey. With everything that comes with it, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed especially when it comes to the experience itself when it comes to people who are new to it all. So whether it be coming to us or heading to South America, there is a few tips that can help a person during such an experience. So when it comes to wherever you are, there are a few things to keep in mind that can help you through the experience. First and foremost:

If you have psychedelic experience, toss that out: Despite Ayahuasca having hallucinogenic properties, people often think that because of their psychedelic history that this will be like kicking back with some Mushrooms or taking some LSD. Surprisingly, those who have no psychedelic experience prior to this kind of experience are usually the ones to do well should a rough patch come along. This is in part because they do not have any "strategies" or preformed tactics going into such and are able to listen to the advise of the people holding the ceremony should something begin to trouble them. With those that have previous experiences with any hallucinogenics, it isn't to say that such isn't for them or that this will end poorly, but what tactics they had for others generally will not apply here. If anything, such tactics can get them into a rough patch so it is generally advised to disregard previous skills to maintain.

If the experience gets heavy, just breathe: In an ayahuasca ceremony, once you drink: you are simply along for whatever may come. For some, what comes can be blissful for that is what they needed when entering this new arena. For some, they need a bit of a shaking up to let them know they are strong enough to go through anything and it to build up their confidence that they can do this and they will be okay. Regardless of the experience at hand, both can be overwhelming for the individual whether it be positively wonderful or simply a shake up. So should you find yourself being overwhelmed with either, one thing that helps bring the experience back to where the person can handle it is to breathe deeply. Breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth can help reground an individual and remind them that they are still physically on this rock we call Earth no matter what they may be seeing and feeling at that moment and help them steer through whatever they may be going through.

Everything will come to a halt eventually: Regardless if the experience one endures is going well or becoming a bit unmanageable, in the heat of the experience, it can feel like things will continue forever and ever and so on. Minutes can feel like days and days can sometimes feel like a lifetime of falling through everything Mother Aya has to offer and show you. Whether it is a good run or a new definition of intensity, one grounding thought that can help is knowing that no matter what is happening: you'll come back together once it is all said and done. This won't be forever and you won't be stuck in a loop. Sure, your sense of time may be warped, but you will become whole eventually and be back on earth, just it'll be a moment till then, just keep breathing and reminding yourself that it will eventually slow down and get to a point of manageability.

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