Ayahuasca: Myths and Misconceptions

When it comes to the world of Ayahuasca, there is a blend of information of there when it comes to the sacrament everyone refers to as Ayahuasca. However, like everything else among the mix of information in this world, there are also misconceptions and misinformation abroad too. So as an attempt to combat such, this article and it's possible follow ups will be created as a means to help clear up the tainted information out there. So welcome one and all may it be useful to those new and even those who are seasoned in the world of Ayahuasca. So to begin this, the infamous notion of all.

Ayahuasca Comes from the B. Caapi vine: While often synonymous with Ayahuasca, it is often a common notion that unless Ayahuasca is made from B. Caapi vine as one of the two core components or both components coming from South America, it isn't "real ayahuasca." But what many people don't know or simply overlook is that Ayahuasca alone can be made from over 160+ plant combinations alone. And like microbreweries, every person who makes their own ayahuasca if they don't order it from elsewhere can also find it exists in different parts of the world under different names in different times in history. There are many ways to create ayahuasca, but not every brew is made the same or with the same plant materials. Just like you have a variety of beers when it comes to brewing, Ayahuasca is similar in that aspect.

You have to be Native American/South American to be a Shaman: Another notion that follows Ayahuasca is also the common belief and notion that unless you have a heritage leading to South American or Northern Native American origins, you aren't a real shaman. But, with that being said: If such was the case, then what would make a "true shaman" would mean the person would have to be of Siberian origins for that is where the word itself originates. Not only does the word also originate from there, but also the first recorded practices of such can be traced back to Siberia. So to anyone out there that is a shaman themselves or wishes to be so: just because you aren't "from a lineage of native blood or shamanic healers" shouldn't be discouraged. It is possible.

Being a shaman is easy: When it comes to some people looking from the outside in, it is easy for people to think that working as a shaman with Ayahuasca is easy and that anyone can do it. In reality, however, there is more to this line of work than meets the eye. For starters, it's making sure people have medical clearance from their doctor to participate because some health conditions can be worsened or fatal if mixed with Ayahuasca. It is checking with people to make sure they checked with a pharmacist to make sure they can be weened off their meds or not to take a specific medication prior to an ayahuasca ceremony so the individual doesn't suffer a fatal reaction. There's a lot of factors in the medical aspect alone that people often overlook or do away with, and yet: such could be the key between a person being okay and being hospitalized or worse if not addressed properly.

That is all for now. Stay tuned for next time.

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