Shaman vs Sorcerer

It is easy for the uneducated to use these terms interchangably but nothing could be further from the truth

A “Shaman” is an individual who uses pragmatic tools to accomplish a positive spiritual purpose such as healing and growth.

A “Sorcerer” is one who uses pragmatic tools to accomplish a negative or selfish spiritual purpose, such as gaining illegitimately at the expense of others or causing damage or harm or feeding on the energy of others.

This kind of person is also, in many places, called a “Brujo” (pronounced Broo – HO) Some people in the spiritual realm, including my first teacher, start out as Shamans and move into full-blown Sorcery sooner or later.

Let’s also be clear that at the highest levels of both Shamanism and Sorcery there is a great deal of power. In every Shaman who has a great deal of power there is an incredible and consistent temptation to use the power that we have learned to harness and direct for our own ends.

Those who move down the path from Shamanism to Sorcery usually use this power, at first, out of a desire to do good. But once the line is crossed into an illegitimate use of power, it is difficult, though not impossible, to turn back from the lure of that power.

A balanced Shaman accepts wisdom from all Sources because all came from SOURCE.

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