Color and it's affects on those around

When it comes to the world around us, one thing a person rarely gives thought to is color. But then again, with the world around us being nothing but a constant barrage of such, who ever really does give such a thought? Well, despite being in a tidal wave of color and information and a constant barraging of the senses, there is some science behind color and how they affect us as a whole. That there is more than meets the eye when it comes to the choices we make in our daily lives. So without further ado: a brief entry into the world of color and how it affects us.

When it comes to our daily lives, the thing we often give the least thought to is something that actually plays a decent roll in how it affects us overall. Never do we give it a thought that color in the world around us has a subtle affect on individuals around us. Beyond the use of such in sensory deprivation as a form of psychological torture, there are different ways color as a whole influence and toy with our lives. Take for instance: the world of dating and the world of being an intellectual.

In a study done and posted down below, the overall study generally focuses on Red and Blue and how such affected a person's walking speed towards the interview process. To summarize everything, it was found that the image of the person that was edited to have a red shirt the the subjects were sent to talk to in the interview for a romantic event were faster at approaching the room but slower when it was an intellectual interview. However, the opposite was true when the interviewer was presented in blue. Rather, they were quicker to approach intellectually than romantically. So why is that?

In short, color plays a significant roll when it comes to our actions and decisions on a primal/subconscious level. When it comes to the colors above, it seemed that red invoked a faster movement when it came to a romantic situation for the color red can often be a signal of passion and strong emotions but caused hesitation elsewhere because such is a color of caution and danger. And in the color blue, blue is a calm color when it comes to an intellectual situation promoting a sense of openness and calm, but wasn't as romantically appealing or demanding for those same calming qualities. So when it comes to the world all around you, such can be used to motivate one's self or take control of how a situation or event is affecting them. And all of this just simply through just color.

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