Sananga: Advice for newcomers

When it comes to the world of shamanism, there are many different avenues and materials one can take hold of and work with. Here at Aya Quest, we have been recently working with eye drops known as Sananga, and it has come to my attention that a lot of people who come through our doors and read through their paperwork often ask about it. So I've decided to take the liberty to explain this in the hopes that this may clear up some of the questions and curiosity that follows when people read about it in some of the options addable to the ceremony. However, before it is to note that like anything else applied to the eyes: If you wear contacts, you're going to want to take them out ahead of time. However, you can put them back in after everything is done.

What does it do?: When it comes to the effects that come behind Sananga, there's a multitude of things that follow behind it. To start, when it comes to an Ayahuasca ceremony, it is said to help enhance and improve the visuals that follow due to it's iboga alkaloid properties. Outside of ceremonial use, they also help lubricate the eyes and has been shown in limited studies to help with macular degeneration. So regardless of how your eyesight is, anyone can use it. But like any other plant medicines, there comes a "sacrifice" if you will.

Is it unpleasant to administer?: When it comes to the world of working with plants, there is always a price to pay when it comes to the usage. With Ayahuasca, the sacrifice payed is the taste being something most find non-pleasurable more often than not. With Sananga, the cost of using such is the burning sensation when it is first administered. However, with that being said, it isn't as bad as it sounds nor is it something unbearable by any means. When administered, the sensation that follows is at the worst it'll be and gradually fades. Just as long as you breathe through it and refrain from wiping your eyes, you'll do fine and will feel good post application.

Is it hallucinogenic like Ayahuasca?: While such can help amplify an ayahuasca experience, sananga by itself is non-hallucinogenic so a person using such prior to a ceremony would be fine. Even if it was used outside of a ceremonial setting, the effects and feeling that come with it are very much beneficial to the individual using it. At the bare minimal, those using it will feel amazing when it comes to their eyes. So regardless of the reason for administration, there's always a plus to it even if it's the comfort factor after the burning has calmed down and settled.

Should any more questions arise, I will seek to answer them in a part 2. Stay safe everyone, and peace and progression to all.

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