Niacin: The B3 Vitamin

When it comes to the world of vitamins and health, it is often the little things that help us in the long haul. After all, much like machines, our bodies need proper care and treatment and through things that diet and exercise may not always cover fully and so we often need a tinker here and there. And so some of us in the world take vitamins and supplements in order to combat the core nutrition our bodies need to survive. However, when it comes to vitamin B3, it is important to note that this vitamin plays a crucial roll in essentially all functions of the body.

Vitamin B3, also known as Niacin, is one of 8 B vitamins and can be found in food sources as well in supplement form. When it comes to the ingesting of this vitamin, regardless of the source you are obtaining it from, there are a number of benefits one can uptake. For those cholesterol cautious out there, Niacin has been show to do a number of wonders for the heart as well as the promotion of good HDL cholesterol while lowering bad LDL cholesterol. It has also been shown to assist the body in the breaking down carbohydrates, cellular repair of DNA, and a number of other useful roles. This can be found regardless of if the individual obtains such from food or supplement form.

When it comes to obtaining such through food, there are many things that consist of high levels of B3. Turkey breast, for instance, when consumed in proper portions, can yield all they need in their daily value of B3. Other foods that yield B3 includes, but are not limited to: Liver, peanuts, mushrooms, and many more choices. As for the things that can strip your body of such a precious vitamin, things such as alcohol can completely deprive the body of B3, which also makes it a necessity in people suffering from alcoholism. But, like anything else in nature, too much of a good thing can turn unpleasant.

When it comes to the usage of over the counter supplements of B3, it is advised to talk to a healthcare provider. This is simply because self dosage of such without proper knowledge can cause things such as irritation of ulcers in high dosages, itchiness, and other factors that while non threatening, can be concerning or easily scare an individual. Asides from that, such is generally found to be safe for like any other vitamin: too much can cause some unintentional side effects. Should this be something that you as an individual are interested in, please do take proper precautions. Disclaimer: We here at Ayaquest do not advocate for this to be a form of treatment for serious health conditions.

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