Kentucky Ayahuasca - Viceland

Mother Aya has started her evolutionary quest in the USA by spiritually pulling together and manifesting " Kentucky Ayahuasca " .

The team Mother Aya assembled was by far the greatest "collective" of talent and tenacity that I have ever witnessed or have been apart of.

The entire Viceland Crew was Top Shelf, especially a Scottsman we will call "Mr.Monroe". Please let me not forget the works of all the crew.

Two People that I feel deserves Special Recognition is our Co Executive Producer Natalie Watts, this Beautiful Spirit guided us (Amatuers) through this complex maze with complete grace and true leadership while some CRAZY shit was jumping off for over 12 weeks. straight. Incredible courage and cool headed under fire, willing to manage risks and "trusted her Shaman"

Candice Payne- Director of Everything else, this 'Aya Angel" could take an elusive concept from me and turn it into reality with minimal time or tools while managing "chaos" all around her and never raised her voice on 18 hour days in 100 degree heat and humidity, dressed in black carrying a camera ( think concrete block on your shoulder) and asking me " if I would like some water"

Remember this has NEVER been DONE before in the History of TV or Shamanism, this many Ayahuasca Ceremonies in a Docu Series format, these two ladies (Aya Angels) were in uncharted waters every single day trying to work with the Unseen forces that are present and in motion in every ceremony, capturing the essence of Mother Aya's healing and progression. All the while dealing with an "Edgy Ex Convict"

Last but not least is VICELAND, who took a chance on a serial bank robber, whom the world should be eternally grateful for bringing Mother Aya to the Nation, let the conversatation begin.

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