Kambo: Questions and Concerns Part 5

How many points do you do?: When it comes to researching this medicine, it is often seen in video that the people of the Amazon do a lot of points. Some places going from 5 to 7 to 12, some doing 15, some even going to the point of 20 or more. And upon seeing some of the people undergo such, it isn't uncommon that people who are curious about such a medicine no longer want to do such because of what they bared witness to. However, despite what you may have witnessed, we aren't like those places when it comes to our method of approach. Rather, we do what is often comfortable or the amount people want to try up to and with good reason.

When it comes to the videos of the people getting multiple points done or very huge points, there is often a number of reasons such is done. One of the more common occurrences for such is often as a hazing ritual to prove one's manhood and warrior-hood. For some, such is taken to the point of purging and tremors in order to expel parasites and other foreign beings from one's stomach and intestines. After all, living in the jungle comes with the inconveniences that we as a first world country doesn't have to deal with such as clean food and water. And others use it to amplify their senses as hunters within the jungle.

However, it is often that those who come through our doors are modern humans. Therefore, we here at AyaQuest don't find a point in taking Kambo to those extremes. Especially if the individual is going into an Ayahuasca ceremony: such could be taxing upon the body when taken to those extremes when done back to back. Plus, much like people few and far between are allergic to aspirin, we tend to start off with one point to guard against any possible allergic reactions. And should the individual be fine with the one, from there, it is up to them how much they want to apply.

It is to be mentioned that should one be interested in such, when doing points, it is to be noted that each point you do increases the intensity of the Kambo itself. On one point, what a person may feel can vary from person to person. However, regardless of the intensity, each point added is the intensity of one point times how many others you do. So doing two points would double the intensity one feels, three points would triple it, and so fourth. So should you wish to engage in such, do keep that in mind.

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