Update: Membership Changes

Good afternoon one and all! Those of you have been to the site recently might have noticed that there has been a change in our membership policies and prices quite recently. Behind every action is a reason why and this post is here to explain the changes and why they've taken place. Whether you are a long time member or a newcomer to our church, these changes affect everybody regardless and we here at Aya Quest feel you deserve an explanation behind these sudden changes. So without further ado, here is some insight behind what all has changed.

First and foremost on the list is our membership policy regarding the types of memberships available. We have completely removed the annual membership option as a whole and now only have a lifetime option. Those of you out there who are reading this and have an annual membership: Do not worry, your membership will still be valid until it's expiration date but you'll have to either upgrade before it expires or just get the lifetime post expiration. We have dropped this option because we've found it to be a bit of a nuisance for many people attempting to sign up for ceremony only to find that they have to also renew their membership in order to be valid to attend. So to save everyone the headache of having to go through all the hassle, memberships from this point out will be lifetime.

With that being said, another recent change you've might of noticed is the prices of said memberships themselves. Standard memberships now cost $150.00 and those who are currently serving or are a veteran and wish to obtain a membership are $75.00 for those interested. The reasons behind the price increases that have taken place is due to several factors. To start: The building we host ceremonies in have recently increased our monthly rent to be able to stay in this location.

To follow behind that, prices to obtain the materials necessary to make our signature tea have also increased somewhat dramatically and reasonably so. When it comes to the world around us, natural disasters are always a given and sometimes due to catastrophes of both nature and man-made: sometimes the items we access daily can see an inflation in price tags regardless of the goods and/or services being obtained. And like everything else purchasable in the world, our current suppliers for the plant materials necessary to make our tea have had to up their prices on the plant material due to events occurring on their end in order for them to keep themselves in business. So we here at Aya Quest have increased our membership prices because we believe in keeping our ceremonies themselves at an affordable price for the men and women who wish to have an ayahuasca journey but can't afford the cost or of flying out to South America or the ability to take many days off work to do so. We hope everybody out there understands why we've done this and apologize if these changes have caused any inconveniences or setbacks to those looking to join us, but we've found that this route is the best course of action we could take without making things unreasonably expensive in order to continue our service to everybody out there. We thank you for your cooperation everyone and have a wonderful day.

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