Ayahuasca: Advice for Newcomers Pt.2

If you are new to Ayahuasca, there are undoubtedly going to be some questions you're going to have. After all, who isn't a little bit nervous when doing something completely new to them for the first time? So in an effort to help relieve some of the anxiousness that comes with this, I am going to be writing some blog posts over some of the more common things people often face and some precautions those can take to have an as pleasant of an experience as possible regardless of where you go. After all, no two places are going to be the same so this can also serve as a guide to some safety precautions one may take when it comes to this. If you haven't read part 1, the link will be below.

Finding out if Ayahuasca is safe for you: When it comes to Ayahuasca, people often flock to the many benefits and ailments that it is often given the limelight of healing. However, not all conditions can be worked with nor can certain medications be mixed with this due to part of the making of this tea being plant based MAOIs. Or given that since it does elevate the heart rate, certain conditions involving the heart or blood pressure is also something that could be dangerous if not looked into. So it is advised to check with both a doctor and a pharmacist for further matters regarding such as they are medically allowed to determine if the plant based MAOIs or the side effects of partaking in the ingesting of this tea would be safe for you to take part in. Your safety and well being should always come first and from a place of medical advise from a professional before doing anything, regardless of how the shaman of the location chooses to run the place.

Having respect for the brew: When it comes to the brew itself, this isn't something one would want to treated as a drug or hallucinogen. And funny as it may sounds, you'd expect those with some prior form of hallucinogen to be the ones that are able to handle this. But more often than not, it is those that have none that do better simply because they aren't treating the brew as a mushroom trip or dropping acid. They do not have mechanism and skills of trying to control the journey and therefor don't put themselves into a rough patch. This brings me to my next point: submission.

Submission: When it comes to the brew and where it'll take you, there isn't much one can do in terms of deciding where everything goes. The best one can do is just simply let the brew take you wherever it is wanting you to go and maintain your emotions as best as possible. Let things just be and hold no judgement over what you see. The more you're able to relax into it all, the easier it'll all be. After all, the watched pot never boils.

Stay tuned for part 3.

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