Intermittent Fasting: Methods of Approach Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, there are a number of ways one can practice Intermittent Fasting. Not only is there a multitude of methods used to practice such. All of which can be done without having to balance a budget or anything to that degree. And all of which can be done from anywhere whether it be the comfort of your home, daily life, or otherwise. As stated from last time: We here at Ayaquest do not advise such as a method or means to treat any ailments an individual may be afflicted with.

Alternate Day Fasting: Under this method of approach, the individual switches back and forth on days of fasting. However, for those days of fasting, the individual is allowed to consume up to 500 calories for that 24 hour period of time. The next day though: They are free to consume what they want and then alternate. Much like those who do calorie restriction, the amount of body fat lost is roughly the same when using this approach. The only thing to be cautious of when doing this kind of fast is days that require high energy consumption such as working out or equally strenuous task on the days in which you take in only 500 calories.

12 Hours Fasting: For those who are new to fasting, this approach is also one to consider. As the name describes, it is a 12 hour period of the day in which the individual does not consume anything of caloric value. And much like the 16:8, the next 12 hours are up to you to decide what and whatnot to eat. However, it is to note that while you are free to eat what you please, such doesn't mean eat total junk and the fasting will counter the damage. Rather, just choosing healthier items tends to enhance such benefits.

Tips and guidelines: When it comes to this kind of fasting, there are a few things to be noted. As stated in the 12 hours fasting, just because you fast and your body burns up damaged cells and produces new ones: that isn't an invitation to continuing a life of fast food and things that damage our bodies critically. Another thing to keep in mind when doing such is how well black coffee and tea can make your stomach quiet down till the proper times to eat. If you really need something like milk, just be sure to keep it in small dosages.

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