Alkaline and Acidic Foods: What Does it Mean for the Body?

When it comes to the human body, it is simply amazing just to see what all it can endure as well as what it does to the things we subject it to. Take for instant the one thing we all do: consume. Regardless of your upbringing or where you are born into this world, whether it be in a mansion somewhere with a silver spoon in your mouth or born onto a dirt road of a poor country, we all have one thing in common and that is the need to consume. After all, it is the way we keep our bodies functioning unless we wish to succumb to starvation. But what we consume not only affects our bodies as a whole in terms of nutritional value, but the content of what we ingest also affects the pH levels within our bodies.

If you are familiar with basic science or even the term pH, then you are probably aware of how things can be either Acidic or Alkaline. If not, then to sum it up: pH is the amount of hydrogen ions a substance has. On a pH scale, the numbers will rank from 1 to 14 and is measured in a logarithmic form, but unlike traditional scales: the base here is 7 instead of 0. 7 on a pH scale means the time is basically water so it is neither acidic nor alkaline and has no real effects on the body in such a spectrum. Any number lesser than 7 is when the item begins to shift to the acidic side of the scale and anything greater than 7 turns more into an alkaline. So what exactly foes that mean in terms of the body?

When it comes to the foods that we ingest, different meals create different effects upon the body in terms of Alkaline and Acidic properties. Ingesting things like alcohol, coffee, milk, olives just to list a few are common grounds for creating an acidic body. Things such as corn, coconut, honey, and mushrooms just to name a few can create a more Alkaline body. But what does that mean in terms of health, you may be wondering? Well, for the health enthusiasts among us, studies show that diseases such as cancer is more likely to appear in those who have a heavy acidic diet. So does that mean that an all alkaline diet is the way to go? Not necessarily either, for while cancer has a major problem occurring in such: so does a lot of the other cells our bodies create to function.

So what does this all mean? Well, for those who are health cautious and wish to take care of their body, a balance of the two is needed. If things become too acidic, it could be just as problematic for your body as being too alkaline. With proper care and proportions, such can be maintained in a short span of time. Not to mention, there are also foods out there low in both and would also have relatively no impact on tilting your pH levels one way or the other. So it just all comes down to controlling what it is we put in our bodies and how much we choose to put in.

Disclaimer: This isn't meant to be taken as medical advise in terms of combating afflictions one may be currently enduring and does not endorse it as a means for such.

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