Ayahuasca Animal Visions: The Eagle

When it comes to Ayahuasca journeys, it isn't uncommon for an animal to make itself know in one's vision. Some come as a form of messenger from the beyond to let us know something is afoot. Others may come to serve as a milestone for reaching a key point in your life. Whatever the reason, many different animals serve as different form of message bearers. One to make headway in the visions of some: The Eagle

In Native American lore, the eagle is often regarded as a powerful creature. To some tribes, the eagle is a symbol of change coming your way, and it can show you how to prepare for it. To others, it is a symbol of self discovery and the finding of one's self. Associated with that discovery is also a break in one's limitation. Like the animal, such can find their boundaries soaring.

Another possible meaning behind the eagle is the purpose it was given by many tribes. To many, the eagle was seen as a connection to the divine. To the natives, the Eagle was able to soar up to The Creators. For this, it is often seen as well as a sign of balance as well as it's attributes to exist both within the realm of spirits and of the earth. It is also held in high regards given that it's feathers and bones were often used for sacred things. It also stood for a symbol of truth and honesty.

In short, having this bird come to you in a journey is a powerful symbol. Should you see it, it is a rather proud sign to come your way. However, with said changes may be hardships and battles to overcome, for with great changes comes some form of conflict in some realms. But worry not, for like anything else, it will pass give it some time. Just allow and it shall pass.

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