Tips and Guides to Managing a Pleasant Experience.

Before reading this, it is to be said that this is a guide to simply help maintain a pleasant experience in those who find the path to Ayahuasca. It should be noted that with Ayahuasca, there is no such thing as controlling the journey itself for there is no such thing for then it wouldn't be a journey of self discovery, but a frenzy of feeding illusions where as Ayahuasca will show one what really lies at their core. It will not mask or sugar coat anything, but nor will it overwhelm you with anymore than you can handle. However, if left without some form of structure and guidance, it is unsure as to where a journey can go and frankly it'd be much safer should the individual keep some core teachings close to their person. While it may not guarantee a journey in which the person face past trauma or fears or secrets buried within, it can at least help them ease through it and not become overwhelmed when facing things we haven't properly tended to with past matters.

Focus on your breathing: When it comes to the human mind and any type of task or event going on, the brain can truly only focus on one thing at a time. Even in the mists of a hallucinogenic fueled journey, the thing that'll never leave you is your breath. In the events of a journey turning heavy on you, focus what you can of your mind back to your breath and chances are, you'll eventually reground. Plus, as people who aren't in your journey with you, it lets us know you are a bit overwhelmed and that you may need some help re-grounding and getting re-centered with yourself and to your side we will be. From there, it's just a matter of talking to us about what is going on and going from there.

Letting go of emotions in the Journey: In life, we as people often see things and tend to have a split second of raw emotion seep through. In a journey, emotions are like likely to be less contained and likely to come out. So should a strong emotion come up, while it's okay to acknowledge and see what you are feeling, acting on it is anything but advised regardless of how benevolent or malevolent the emotions may be. It is easier said than done, but if you can restrain from reacting, most of the time the feeling will pass. And there is no telling what may have spawned that brief instant of emotion. Could be from past traumas, could be from things within your childhood as a baby that you don't even recall. The possibilities of where it came from are endless and is best to accept it as is.

Remember that whatever you are experiencing is only short term: Even as intense as a journey may become and as overwhelming as some parts can be for some, a general thought to keep in mind is that this all will eventually come to a calm. No matter how lost you may become in it all, no matter how distorted time and everything becomes, it will all eventually come to a calm. You will be whole again and come back down, but we need your cooperation and to just wait. Nothing can hurt you, nor will it constantly loom around you forever. The only cure for such is time and waiting for it to reach a low point.

Stay tuned for part 2

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