Questions and Concerns: Ayahuasca Part 8

What is your stance on medical conditions and Ayahuasca?: When it comes to Ayahuasca, it isn't a surprise to see that in certain cases regarding some medical conditions in some people, that the tea itself can relieve some cases of afflictions within the body and/or the mind when taking things in from a healing stand point. However, with that being said, when it comes to people seeking medical advice on Ayahuasca and how it may interact with their physical/mental troubles within their lives or how it may interact with a medication(s) one may be taking. That is the line in the sand in which we cannot help other than ask for you to check on your question with a pharmacist and doctor when it comes to research on whether any newcomer or people who wish to suggest this path to others finding their way in life. When it comes to such, this can often be annoying to be told, especially for those who feel certain this is something that is for them and are just ready to begin especially having to also be informed on how Ayahuasca can interact within the body if the individual has a medication they cannot stop taking. However, as bothersome as the process can be sometimes, especially with the business some clinics and parts of the world may experience, there is a reason to why we ask you to do such.

When it comes to the world of medicine and healing afflictions of the body and mind, we as an establishment are a church and by law are not licensed to tell you whether it is okay or not to mix prescriptions or a condition and Ayahuasca due to a lack of a medical license in such a field. However, much like yourselves, our knowledge is often ran through pharmacists and doctors when it comes to the researching of conditions and certain medications so that we as an establishment can know when a person is or isn't fit to participate in ceremony. This is because we believe in the safety and well being of anyone who wishes to come through our doors and aren't willing to risk their health or life to attempt to help them find a way to overcome the weight of their worlds and find a potential means of fixing what is deemed an issue. As much as we'd love to help those find a way to enhance their spirituality and potentially their well being, we don't feel that the cost of the life in the process is worth the potential outcome. So we will suggest you speak to a trained medical profession in that regard who can for sure tell you what can occur or could not occur, which brings me to my second point behind such a system.

Another reason we ask people to seek advice from a medical professional comes from the possibility of any misinformation out there acquired during any of the research through human error on any sides. We are all humans after all, and when it comes to information in general, we can't perfectly pass a message from the back of a class room to the front without altercation or differentiation of the message itself. So applying that same logic to the topic at hand, not everyone has obtained proper knowledge of how a plant based MAOIs could react. Many times when researching how certain medicines could react with a plant based MAOIs, there are things a doctor would give the green-light on coming to but the pharmacists would mostly come back in disagreement with such a call. This isn't to say that a doctor doesn't always know what they are telling you, but some may not have a knowledge of how what they are prescribing could trigger a reaction where as pharmacists are specialists in the world of drug interactions and safety much like a doctor is the specialist in identifying problems within the human condition and even more so when they are specialized in what you as a person are suffering from. And plus there could always be room for error in our work, thus why we as well check with doctors in pharmacists for the chance that our research contains any false information whether it be in the half life of a specific pill or how a condition affects the body in a way that could conflict with Ayahuasca.

In short, we firmly believe in healing of all forms and that a person has the right to seek what options they can take and what is best for them. However, we also believe in the safety and well being of all who wish to come to us for help and guidance. As troubled as some may find themselves and as much as we wish we could help some cases, somethings aren't worth a death in the process when it could have been easily prevented. After all, that person even if they had nobody left is still a somebody in this world. It's just that our means of helping them achieve life changes could be too much for their body or brain to withstand when their system is under the influence of whatever chemicals are in their system, whether it be ones produced as a result of disease or improper developments within the brain as well as medication they may be taking or chemicals they could be abusing like drugs or alcohol. And should they be beyond the reaches of our help, then may the powers that be bring them a path that may yield a way as well.

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