Ayahuasca Animal Visions: The Snake

When it comes to Ayahuasca, is isn't much of a surprise for visions to come forth when one is having a journey. However, commonplace in some of the visions I have often heard people speak to me of sometimes contain visuals of animals. Often, these things come through with some sort of message, whether their presence alone is the message or they have come to lead the person to what they are meant to see. One common animal that seems to come forth for everyone is the Snake. A creature often feared by many, yet, it seems to find itself deep in the visions of many. So why is that?

Well, when it comes to the symbolism of the snake though out the world, it is easy to assume that something evil is afoot. After all, they are a common phobia of man and is painted as evil in the Christian bible being an under-worldly force. So for a lot of the people of the world, it can be a very unsettling animal to see in their journey. However, despite the reputation it receives, other parts of the world challenge that notion. When looking at the snake in Native American culture, the snake can be seen as a sign of rebirth and transformation. The reason for this was because of the way a snake grows, it is shedding it's old form in order to heal, grow, and change from what it was before into something new. It can also represent fertility and a creative life force.

Asides from being a symbol of healing in the spiritual aspect, it too can also be a symbol of medicine. It's venom, much like plants and fungi in herbalism and mycology, can be used to either heal or bring harm upon the subject that finds itself at it's mercy. In our medical enigma, the staff for the Greek god of medicine is on the star of life, it's most notable feature being the snake. The one consisting of the two snakes intertwining is a reference to the Rod of Hermes as well in Greek lore.

So when it comes to animals in visions, seeing a snake isn't a need to be alarmed. Despite the negative tags attached to it, it bears many more positives when it comes to world wide meanings. And, many also say that it is one of the forms Mother Aya takes in terms of trying to connect with those who seek her out. Regardless of what it may be, it can be safe to say that the meaning isn't always as evil as it is painted out to be. That it could actually be a life changing sign.

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