Ayahuasca: Expectations versus Reality Part 3

Expectation: All Ayahuasca is like the Ayahuasca in South America- When it comes to an Ayahuasca ceremony, it isn't uncommon for some to think of the name and just assume it is one entity that is the same, through and through. Even more so when it comes to people who've grown up in South America or have attended a ceremony in South America, they may hold an expectation for the brew that they are about to ingest is no different than the next. Especially with a lot of it looking roughly similar, and not always tasting the most pleasant, it can be relatively the same in the eyes of many. However, making such an assumption would only lead to self disappointment should the person really look into it all. Just talking to each shaman that makes their brew, you will find that like you and I, each brew comes with it's own unique form.

Reality: Ayahuasca is a very diverse brew when creating it- When it comes down to Ayahuasca, assuming all Ayahuasca is the same and is made the same is like saying everything containing alcohol is crafted the same and is the same. When it comes to Ayahuasca, even the vine that people commonly associate Ayahuasca with comes in it's own mix of different varieties. Just the plant materials used alone can be made from a number of different admixtures to forge a brew. Some being MAOIs, some being a mix of DMT and MAOIs as well. To add to the equation, preparation of the brew also plays a key role too.

On top of the preparation of the brew, each shaman also has his or her own method of presenting the brew. Some follow the ways of traditional shamanism, some are contemporary, and some may practice a mix of the two. However, such an outlook can be easily lost in what the internet shows us, and often blurs that there are more than one way to go about it all. And it is easy for some to find their expectations a bit shifted when they are presented with a way they didn't see or find in their personal experience or research. So such must be approached with a rather open mind.

In short, when doing research for an Ayahuasca ceremony, it is best to keep in mind that every brew is different. Even more so, every shaman is different much like his or her brew can be. That also means take great caution should you have the money and time to be able to try Ayahuasca all over. What may get you to the point of threshold with one brew may be more or less with another. Or even more so, the brew could be incomplete or a dud should they have ingredients harvested too early or refuse to add the plants that bring DMT to the mix. So should you go from place to place trying different brews, approach with an open mind and a bit of caution till you know how the brew works with you.

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