Questions and Concerns: Ayahuasca Part 7

Have you ever had a medical emergency or allergic reaction?: When it comes to any form of healing, especially things the body can physically take, people often get weary. In one part, not being sure what all is in the brew. In another part, tales of people heading to South America only to wind up hurt or worse. And rightfully so, after all, this is something we around the rest of the world aren't entirely accustom to or all familiar with aside from those who work with the plant daily. However, here at AyaQuest, we can assure you that you are in safe hands.

When it comes to our brew, we start off with newcomers by giving them a small amount to micro-dose them. This helps them get accustom to the flavor, as well as shows us how their bodies react. If there is any form of reaction, what little they are given would be caught early and would more than likely be okay than if this occurred after just starting. As of yet, no allergic reactions have come our way. However, like the few who are allergic to aspirin, it is always a precaution we take just in case the one who is allergic shows up. Then why is it that people have medical emergencies then, if allergies are appearing to be practically non-existent in those we've worked with thus far?

Well, sadly, part of what fuels it is our expectation of what an Ayahuasca ceremony is. When we as Americans think of Ayahuasca, what usually comes to mind is the vomiting and the cases of getting diarrhea. And so in an attempt to appease our misguided views, some will add tobacco juice to the mix among many others. And such alone, if ingested too much, could cause complication or toxic build up in one's body. Other mixtures to be added range from deliriums to stuff that causes one to violently purge.

So when it comes to Ayahuasca, please be mindful that not everywhere is the same, much like not everyone in South America spikes the brew to meet our expectations. However, it is always good to proceed with caution. Ask questions, observe, take as many precautions as you feel are needed. However, under our church roof, we can promise you no such surprises await you. Happy journeying, and may you do it with peace and progession.

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