Kambo: Questions and Concerns Part 3

Does Kambo require religious protections?: Another question that sometimes comes up when it comes to doing Kambo is one of legality. After all, Ayahuasca is under religious protection on a federal level and in certain states too such as here in Kentucky when used under the proper terms and respectfully. So with that being said, some may assume that it too has to be under protection. After all, like Ayahuasca, it has some altering effects on the body. However, despite this, it doesn't require any religious freedoms.

When it comes to Kambo, while yes it affects the body, it isn't like Ayahuasca or Peyote in which certain requirements from the state must be met if able. In fact, it doesn't just apply to the United States. Rather, Kambo is perfectly legal world wide with the exception of Brazil in the ANVISA ruling in 2004. And even in that instance, it is simply illegal to advertise the frog venom. Other than that, you are perfectly free to use it in the comfort of your home if you so choose.

Can Kambo be addictive?: Though not a common question to come up, it has from time to time been asked if such could cause an addiction. After all, one of it's lovely benefits is how it tickles the opioid receptors within the brain which can be a powerful tool for addicts addicted to opioids. Plus, it does create a sense of bliss and peace when the initial effects of applying the medicine is over. So can it turn from being a tool of healing to an agent of abuse?

Quite simply: No. In fact, the opposite can be said about it when it comes to how Kambo works. While yes, it does cause the brain's receptors to be tickled, it isn't in the way in which a drug like heroine or painkiller prescriptions in which it floods the mind with chemicals and dims the receptors with the years upon years of usage. Rather, part of how it helps the receptors is stimulation them enough to satisfy the body and not blast the individual should they not be too sensitive. On top of that, unlike the previous items mentioned, Kambo isn't a slew of addictive chemicals that trigger things like serotonin or other chemical impulses in the brain that give a substance it's power. It is simply a few chains of amino acids. Nothing really there for the brain to become wired on.

Part 4 Coming Soon.

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