Ayahuasca: Expectations Versus Reality Part 2

Expectation: This is going to be like any other psychedelic- When it comes to Ayahuasca, those who have done their research have found that this brew does and can cause most to enter a world beyond what our senses normally perceive. However, born from this information and the lack of having ever drank Ayahuasca for some out there, a sense of pride may come over them. That for some of those wishing to try it, they often feel that their experience with psychedelics are unmatched. Hardened psychonauts from years and years of playing in the realm of the altered mind from whatever their choice of reaching such, some come in feeling they've seen it all. Both the good and the bad trips are both waters they feel they can swim in with no problem.

Along side it, they also feel that the tools and skills they have for grounding themselves and managing is king for something like this. After all, it does hold psychedelic properties when consumed. So what makes this drink different from something like say: Acid straight from Germany or freshly harvested mushrooms? A vast difference, actually. When it comes to Ayahuasca, such states of consciousnesses are but mere child's play to the things Ayahuasca does.

The Reality of it is: To say Ayahuasca is like LSD or other forms of psychedelics is to compare apples and oranges. Sure, they possess a psychedelic property, but nothing could prepare one for such. It may give you an idea of what is to come should anyone reading this have any prior psychedelic experience, but such is infantile compared to this. While Psychedelics are more of an enhancer to the world around you, Ayahuasca is a gateway into discovering one's self and more should they continue to go deeper. Rather than fine tuning and creating colors and shapes in the world around, it creates a chance for one to repair themselves and push forward in life.

With something like Ayahuasca, approaching it like any other form of psychedelic is rather foolish. The tea isn't for getting messed up, nor should it be approached as a primer for such. Such approaching can often result in the individual being overwhelmed in a journey, or lead to complications in how they are experiencing their journey. This tea is more than something see or experience things most people wouldn't. To approach it with such a mind set, it will give you that alright, but not in a mannerism you will enjoy or find pleasant. Please, approach it as if you were approaching anything else in life: with an open mind and letting what may come guide you along to where it'll take you.

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