Was Jesus Christ a Shaman?

I was in the “hole” in federal prison for 6 months and that is where I read the bible (king james version) 6 times front to back as it was my only book, I am a devout athiest at this time.

When I excised Jesus from Christainity, I found not a Savior, but a friend and commrade. Jesus never wore a cross, the cross wore him. He never built a church, he had a radical Ministry for the time. He accepted all, the worst with compassion, he attacked the money changers and died a convicted felon, among felons.

I consider Jesus to be one of the greatest Shamans in the world, most of his life was/is a mystery. He fasted and went into the wilderness to talk to Satan.

If you read the The Psychedilic Gospels there are other explanations for his growth and progressions.

What you call temptations, I call human nature, or just nature. Nature can be steered but never contained, either you work with it and be at peace.

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