Questions and Concerns: Ayahuasca Part 6

Will I have to relive my past traumas?: Another common question that often comes our way when it comes to Ayahuasca is often a fear most have, and that is if they are gonna have to relive their past trauma? After all, Aya can cause one to travel back into their pasts and pull up those memories. After all, everything is does generally pull out of you is stuff that were there, known and unknown. And while the thought of having to possibly see such again, there isn't anything to fear. If anything, it is often a step forward to overcome the chains that bind us in such.

When it comes to people who have suffered traumas of any kind, it is often common place that such is either buried deeply to the point of being the only one who knows or completely forgotten. As a result, a slew of emotions can build up along with other events that could give rise to future complications. However, this doesn't stay hidden from Ayahuasca, but it also may not be the first thing on the list of what needs to be addressed. If it isn't, it will be down the road. But, should she tap into those moments, fear not her digging into your memory.

When this comes to the surface, I have often witnessed in ceremony the person not be affected by the memory coming back. And when I say affected, I don't mean they don't feel something. For some, they may feel like they need to cry for that is the emotion that was attached. But after, when discussing the occurrence, it can often be mentioned with neutral outlook. Sure, the individual may not be fond of the event still, but it is often that they are no longer plagued by it as they were previously.

When it comes to recalling these things, it's okay to feel whatever you need to feel. Should you feel the need to let out some sort of emotion, do it. It is okay to respond to what is happening and how it made you feel. However, do remember that this isn't then. You are in safe hands and arms, and we can promise you it'll all come back down if it becomes too much. Just gotta wait it out till you come back down.

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