Ayahuasca: Expectations Versus Reality Part 1

As more and more people come to us, seeking a calm within their lives. Often to follow in that same vein are those who think that Ayahuasca is a huge magic eraser that leaves them a blank canvas. And while there are many things ayahuasca can do to help a person, there is also more to it all than just drinking a cup. That just because you drank for two nights, the world you wish to create for you will not happen over night. Like anything in life, such will take time and effort and your will to bring it to light. So this, along with some additional posts will be centered around some the things new comers expect or don't find in research as a means to help people realize that there is more to such than just drinking and then going home.

Expectation:Will this cure all my ills?- When it comes to those rather unfamiliar to the process, it is often believed that one drink and everything will be fine. That ayahuasca is the liquid equivalent of a reset button. Whether it be disease, a life problem, whatever the cause, in many instance, Ayahuasca was the answer for the person. But it wasn't just the Aya that brought them the things they seek out. And even if you did know what they did, it may not apply to you. After all, the medicine isn't just individual specific, but as is the path to self recovery

The reality is: Part of your healing is you giving the effort.- While yes, there are many medicinal and medical benefits to Aya, some of that healing also comes from effort one puts forth. Taking better steps in your life to change the things you do not like to see, or giving Aya a route to which she can help you reshape things. Like any other change, a seed of a thought or effort must first be placed forward. From there with the work of aya and the labor one can put in gives rise to a plant of their creation. That everything from then on out is a mix of give and take from both them and her.

So while Ayahuasca is a great tool to help one hollow out the things they find not for their life, it is in their hands as to what to fill this newly carved out vessel. Could be love, could be their old habits, could be a number of things. However, it is all now by their own hands, so what is it you seek? Do you wish to fill the vessel with the things you sought out, let the old ways return, or go some new route? The choice sits in your hands

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