Questions and Concerns: Ayahuasca Question 5

How often do people go into a panic: When some come to seek out our guidance, though not one of the many questions often ask, one that does find itself showing up time to time is the questions of "Will it be me who becomes out of control?" The fear of losing control is any human's fear. But, luckily, this isn't a common occurrence. However, if one does happen, there isn't any need to panic. Even if you are the individual freaking out, again, no worries. When it comes to a panicked individual, there are a few things both the person flipping out or the person who is journeying can remember if such does occur.

If you are the one who isn't having a mini-panic, the best thing you can do is please stay clear of the area in which it is happening. When in such a place, there is no telling how the individual will react to their surroundings and don't need to bring in any more chances for something to turn sour. We understand that you may wanna offer a hand or wanna check up on the person or try to consult them, but doing such especially as an untrained medicine person for this isn't advised. The best you can do is resume your journey, for no one is hurt or setting accidental triggers in the mind. And if the individual who is having a rough moment makes it difficult to journey, don't just stand there and watch them, for i doubt you'd want that for if it was you. Ear plugs are up towards the front.

If you are the one who is caught in the panic, the best thing you can do is try to follow our words. While yes, what you are seeing and experiencing is heavy and your ability to manage is proving ineffective, please try to listen to us no matter how far you are in. We are here to keep your body from getting hurt while your mind and soul are travelling, and are trying to direct you out of the chaos. And if you, for whatever reason, simply can't: no hard feelings. We understand that when a person freaks out, it isn't the person we saw first walk in or the one from day one who didn't have such pop up. So if there is difficulty following our words during such, we all understand. That a lot of it was simply bottled up things from who knows when. So if such happens and you lose control, it's nothing to be embarrassed over. Just sometimes there is more on our plates than we realize is on it. However, if you become a danger to yourself or others, we will take precautions to preserve the safety and well beings of others till you get back down.

But regardless, panicking or not, it'll all come back together in the end. Even those who find themselves struggling to keep grounded, just remember that what you are seeing will eventually calm down. The brew will hit you in waves, but like any other wave, it eventually loses power the more it goes on. It's just now that we have to wait it out, or at least until you are grounded enough to where it isn't too heavy anymore. From there, we'll see what happened and determine how to approach from there. This isn't the first one, nor will it be the last.

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