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Ayahuasca: Personal Thoughts

As a medicine man in training for a number of ceremonies now, it is common place for people to often ask what it is i think of the medicine. That often, I find myself being questioned about my opinions of the medicine, what do I think of the work it does, and so forth down the line. And to be honest, I find a lot of amazing things when I see the brew each ceremony that we hold. Many things, I believe lie within it that we as people are unable to begin to imagine what powers lie within. That what it can heal are only but grains of sand in the true power that dwells within.

For starters, look at all the forgotten memories Ayahuasca brings back to the surface for those who have under due to circumstance or the trauma of said event for many. That for some of those people, they often go about wondering what it is they missed in those periods of their life knowing that something bad occurred, just what exactly is beyond their ability to recall, plaguing them with emotions that do not line up to a situation or even in which they feel they should react otherwise. Sure, for some, they may have to relive that forgotten memory, but often people come back without feeling traumatized or as if they have been scarred again. Often, I find the people saying that while it wasn't what they wanted, they were able to not be impacted as heavily by the event, but rather take a neutral stand at what happen and come to terms with what occurred. And often, they can leave feeling free of the chains of the unknown events that originally left them bound and hindered by traumas long forgotten.

Not only does it help break up those blockages, it also too holds many medicinal properties. Depending on the location of the brew and the materials used, a number of positive health effects can come from said brew that isn't the fixing of one's frame of mind. Within some brews, some contain properties that cause your body to become more resilient to things such as tumors. For others, some can cause the body to experience a strengthened immune system. Things that could be experimented on with things such as micro-dosages if such promises are shown in just general ceremonies that could lead to great potentials.

In short, this tea has much more to it than just a tool of self discovery and enlightenment. It is both a reset button for certain afflictions as well as a teacher for those who find themselves on a path unsure of where it goes. That it can possibly hold many secrets our medical industries today are still fighting to solve or achieve through the use of chemical blends that hold addictive effects. However, not everyone is going to be as open to such a form of healing or as something that can be used to mend those who find themselves falling apart. But maybe one day, it's secrets can be fully unlocked and able to be used for the better of the people.

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