Questions and Concerns: Ayahuasca Question 4

Does having prior psychedelic experience help?: When it comes to this tea, it is no secret that it does have psychedelic properties when ingested. However, it is often asked if having any form of psychedelic experience is useful when it comes from to experiencing a journey. Regardless of who asks, whether it be the most hardened of Pyschonauts or those who've never done anything stronger than tea, the answer that is comes up is rather surprising, or at least in the experiences that we have witnessed in ceremony. Surprisingly, those who have no psychedelic experience tend to be those who tend to have less resistance in their journey. It doesn't mean that they are better, but just that there are reasons as to why it is.

When it comes to an individual who has never tried any type of hallucinogenic item, they are a couple of reasons as to why they have an easier time. To start, it is the fact that they have never had an experience to begin with that has the largest impact on why they are able to have an easier time getting into their experience. They have no concept of what such is like, thus, they are open to advice and the coping mechanisms we provide to help them should things start to get a bit heavy. Along side that, They themselves have no said coping mechanisms for when one is having a heavy experience. In this, they don't find themselves being dashed against the rocks.

That is mainly where those with any form of psychedelic experience finds themselves in some trouble when it comes to journeying with Ayahuasca. Some that approach it similarly to mushrooms or LSD when in all reality: This is nothing like those. And thus, their experience can get heavy for it isn't like other psychedelics. Not to mention, said coping mechanisms to deal with such are often useless in this area. In return, we try to suggest advice to help everyone deal with their experience to help and in the hope everyone can use it should they need it.

This doesn't mean that one or the other is more fit to do Ayahuasca. If anything, it just means those who have never had any form of experience shouldn't be panicked, for they will do fine so long as they heed our words. Those who had interacted with such will be fine too if they as well use our methods, for they are just tools to help one be able to carve the path they need to make. It's just easy to use what you know worked for other items with the ability to cause hallucination, but this isn't those items. Like those with no experience, our words and guidance is there for those who wish to throw themselves onto the alter of self discovery.

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