Anorexia Nervosa: How can Ayahuasca Help?

When it comes to disorders that trouble the mind, it is common place for depression or anxiety to top the list. That these afflictions are often the ones to see the limelight for their commonality of being one that often causes problems among people. However, things such as Eating Disorders are often regarded as something only vain people do. The reality of the situation is: It can come from a number of reasons. In some cases the person is driven to overeat even if they aren't hungry.In others, they stop eating and soon find themselves withering away. For some, weight is something they are gonna fixate on. In the case of Anorexia Nervosa, the person finds themselves in a struggle with fears of being too heavy.

Anorexia Nervosa can be defined as an affliction in which the individual who is affected by it often find themselves fixated on how much they weigh. As a result, the person often over exercises and finds themselves at lower weight ranges. For the longest time, it was originally unknown as to what all specifically in the brain trigger until recently. A study from the University of Pittsburgh reveals part of the problem at hand comes from the part of the brain known as the Basal Ganglia. The chemical system in this part of the brain in people suffering from Anorexia Nervosa finds itself going off in part due to the increase of dopamine receptor activity. This along with activity in the dorsal caudate is the prime causes of the affliction.

Fortunately with Ayahuasca, this could be a possible attempt to help those suffering from it. With the disorder being something revolving around receptors, especially dopamine receptors, Ayahuasca is able to help reset and wipe them clean. This, while not like other disorders such as PTSD or depression, it doesn't matter what receptors they for ayahuasca does a cleaning and resetting of them all by resetting a lot if not all of the brain's electrical signals. In turn, this could be another affliction ayahuasca could help mend. Even for the low rates of occurrence in women and men alike, Ayahuasca may hold the key to help these poor individuals.

Some reports suggest that this affliction alone only affects 1-3% of people. But even if the numbers were higher, Ayahuasca could be the key to their recovery. However, more research would be needed to be done on the disorder first. It was just now discovered how this disorder somewhat functions. It's triggers and what causes the brain to push into such a state is still up in the air, thus giving rise to it possibly reoccurring if the environment is the trigger. Otherwise, this is a start for those who find themselves in that position.

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