Ayahuasca - First Ceremony

Some people have unrealistically high expectations of their first ceremonies. To see breathtaking visions at an early stage is rare, but they should not be the primary goal in any case. It is important to understand that an ayahuasca session is focused on deep healing and not ‘tripping’.

While it is not unusual not to experience any visions in your first ceremonies, persistence, patience and determination will often, yet not always, lead to the more visionary states after you have carried out essential physical and emotional healing.

Working with ayahuasca is very complex, and the medicine will typically work with you in ways you cannot anticipate, and will not respond to impatient demands. Sometimes, when you are in the process of cleansing and purifying your emotions, your mood can become low. Like any cleanse, it is common to feel worse during the healing process before feeling better. Another truism: true healing isn’t about ‘feeling better, but better feeling’.

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