Ayahuasca-Journey with the Alien Part 1

As many of you know who have met me, I have drank a shit ton of Ayahuasca and have had many experiences both light and dark, if you care for those simple terms. But I have never shared THIS experience with anyone.

I was alone and in sensory deprivation in this journey, the brew was strong and tasty (yeah right) I had fasted and preped well for this experience, I just wanted to be close to Mother Aya, communicate with her in pure gratitude for the changes she guided me to make in my life, the doorways opened and the manifestations realized.

8 ounces of Ayahuasca shot down my throat as fast as I could swallow this brew, my mouth going instantly dry as I turned the last light off, placed my blindfold on and ear plugs in, and awaited the gurgling in my belly as the brew was working its uncomfortable magic.

Over the years I have learned to not focus on the nausea and let it pass, and it does. I bring my focus onto relaxing my body, my mind and last relaxing my spirit as I let go completely sending love through my heart to Source and the Universe.

Within a blink of an eye I am transported to a dimension that is unfamiliar to me, I sense an energy presence reaching for me telepathicly, a vibrational ping if you will, in my mind I create a image of a door opening and I FEEL a strong connection establish, a probing yet comfortable connection that was not alarming in any context.

I seek pure communication so I do not try to name the presence or ask what I can call it, I have learned to place my mind and spirit in "neutral" or as others have called it "vacuity" and that is where I find my supreme balance in my Journey's.

Pure communication is what I recieved and the first thought that came to me was an image of a handshake, a human hand and a hand that had the same number of apendages but was very different in texture and colors where shifting as if the presence was reading me thru this contact. I am totally immersed at this point in this experience and the hand pulls me through what seemed as a pin hole at first, but opened into a portal that I shot through or was pulled through.... TO BE CONTINUED IN PART 2

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