Questions and Concerns: Ayahuasca Question 3

How does this stuff taste?: When a person does research over how it is Ayahuasca will affect them, research alone can only take one so far. No matter how many videos a person watches, no matter how many blogs they have read, no matter what they have found, all of it lacks something. Surprisingly, the question that remains unanswered is: How exactly does this stuff taste? And further more, is there anything that can enhance how this stuff tastes? Such is often left untouched by reading and watching such.

To put it simply, Ayahuasca has a rather earthy taste. Being a mix of vine and other parts of plants, the taste often reminds the people of burnt coffee when drinking our brew. It is to note that the taste of the brews aren't the same from shaman to shaman. How one brew tastes and feels will vary greatly. It should also be noted that the ingredients in each brew generally vary as well with the exception of the B. Caapi vine and can affect the taste.

Another factor that can influence the taste of the brew itself is the method of preparation. When it comes to South American Ayahuasca, the Ayahuasca itself is cooked over an open fire. While yes, making the brew involves a heat source, one caused by a fire is near impossible to control. Mixed in the the inconsistent heat can result commonly in mass burning of the ingredients, making the brew bitter. This is but one in many ways in which the process of preparation can alter the flavoring.

It is, unfortunately, unable to be sweetened up. The best one can do in ceremony is rinse their mouth out with water and just manage. Not to mention, with Ayahuasca putting enzymes in the stomach on hold, such attempts that would normally leave a person okay could throw them into a world of hurt doing such. So for the safety of the people attending, we cannot do anything else really to help with the taste. But that is fine, for life's best medicine is often bitter.

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