Questions and Concerns of: Ayahuasca Question 2

Does this brew cause one to vomit/ defecate one's self?: A common fear I have found among people trying Ayahuasca for the first time is the fear of vomiting or defecation. For the people, while this is a possible outcome, it isn't something one should actively fear. Given that they should follow a proper fasting, even vomiting is not that common of an occurrence. However, there is also a lot more that fuels those factors when looking into it all as a whole. From the hype surround it all to what all is in the brew, many things play a role in such.

When it comes to Ayahuasca, a common association with the brew is the inevitable vomiting that affects a few people at least in the group. And while a viable outcome after ingestion, such isn't a must to happen when it comes to the experience on the whole. But, like with most things people see and read about, it eventually became part of the expectations when people began of the western world began seeking it out. Mixed in with what people deem a "true" experience based on their opinions, such ideology began to lay the foundation with what was to be expected of this brew. And in return, South American shamans responded to such an expectation.

As discussed in the last Questions and Concerns on Ayahuasca, it was previously mentioned that some shamans add extra items to the brew for added effects. In some instances, tobacco juice or leaf is added due to it's purgative qualities amongst many other possible candidates. This, for some, is because of tradition since tobacco is a plant among some of the surviving tribes . For others, they too feel that in order to have an experience, they must purge. And for the rest, a general cause for such was because that is what many expected when it came to having a journey.

Fortunately under our company, under half of the people at any given time in a ceremony actually vomit. Mainly in part due to the fact that we don't spike the brew with any purgatives for we feel such isn't necessary. Maybe for those who live in the harshness of the jungle around them, such would be good of cleansing the body of parasites or other invasive entities. But for our life styles, such isn't a necessity. Regardless, should either happen to you, it isn't a big deal for you won't be the first or last to get caught by those effects. Part 3 coming soon.

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